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Why choose Sava Jakarta Property?

A variety of exclusive property rental options

From apartments like Darmawangsa Essence to family homes such as Kemang Village Residence, you can rent all of them through Sava Jakarta. The number of properties listed in the listing is also very diverse, reaching more than 500 properties. You can even choose to rent luxury apartments, houses or offices in Sava Jakarta based on the location of the sub-district, the number of rooms, to the interior status (unfurnished to fully furnished!). This way, you can more easily find exclusive properties that suit your needs and budget. Not only renting apartments in South Jakarta to Central Jakarta, Sava Jakarta also provides office rental listings. Even some offices are also inside the apartment environment, providing one stop building services which will certainly facilitate your daily mobility.

Simple and efficient process

It only takes three easy and simple steps for you to rent an apartment in South Jakarta or other exclusive properties in Central Jakarta and surrounding areas. First, find an apartment, house or office that matches your target location. Second, select properties in Jakarta that fit your criteria in terms of models and budget. Third, directly enter a location review request so you can check it directly, negotiate, and deal!

Since the negotiation process, you will be accompanied by reliable agents from Sava Jakarta. This agent will also help you in the process of handling legality, moving in, until moving out. Very simple and efficient, you can save a lot of time and use it to support your daily productivity.

Free consultation

Still confused about the choice of rental property for your needs? Do you want to rent at Setiabudi Sky Garden Apartment, Darmawangsa Essence Apartment, or Kemang Village Residence? Then, is it better to rent an apartment in South Jakarta or Central Jakarta?

To simplify the decision making process, you can do scheduling to consult with the marketing team from Sava Jakarta. The marketing team will help you to hold a showing session so you can check directly the quality of the houses and offices that are rented. Take it easy, this consultation is absolutely free of charge!

Residential and office in an elite environment

You are a young executive whose daily activities are in the capital? After a busy day at work, a comfortable and exclusive residence becomes a necessity. No need to be confused looking for Sava Jakarta can help meet your needs. With listings of more than 500 apartments, houses and offices, you have a large choice of rental properties in elite neighborhood locations.

Both luxury apartments, houses, and offices listed on Sava Jakarta’s listing are in an elite neighborhood. The facilities are complete and adequate, starting from the fitness center, swimming pool, basketball court, minimarket, to restaurants. Not to forget the strategic access to various public facilities such as hospitals, schools, and elite shopping centers. It is suitable for young capital executives like you who prioritize the comfort of residential and office.